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Here you can find articles related to paddling and equipment

Boat Care and Maintenance Strategy Technique Other
Rudder cable installation
OC-1 & Surfski made after August 2006.
Attaching bungee loops, kelp guards and venturies
An explaination on how to install these accessories to your boat.
Testing For Leaks
How to find holes if your boat.
Drafting and Wake Riding
An introduction to getting an advantage while trailing behind another boat.
OC-1 Sprint Start
Tips on starting for an OC-1 Sprint.
Powering Up
Know the best time to power up.
Flying the Ama
How-to for flying the Ama.
Wave Surfing
Instructions on surfing waves in an OC-1
Navigating through currents
Technique on navigating through currents.
OC-1 Rigging
How to rig nad un-rig your OC-1.
OC-2 Rigging
How to rig nad un-rig your OC-2.
General Safety
Covers safety related to paddling.
Several pictures of modifications that people have done to their HUKI's.
Paddle Construction
Ending the debate between wood and carbon fiber paddles.
Shipping Links    
Gull Wing Crate
Unpacking a Gull Wing from the Gull Winig Packing Crate.
Being prepared to receive a Sonatube.
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