Innovations Page

This sections represents innovations that paddlers have done to their watercraft. Some ideas are better than others, but these innovations can spark even more ingenious enhancements that can better the performance and comfort of paddlers.

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Hydration Systems

The Ever Resilient Duct Tape

Duct tape ranks up there with the telephone in that we can't really live without it. There is no better product for attaching stuff than duct tape. Though sometimes hokey and hacked, duct does do the job, but it does have its drawbacks. Duct tape will not stick to a wet surface as well as hot conditions.


You know what they say, "Use em if you got em..." and factory installed bunjee ties downs are no exception.

Stow Hatch

Using the factory installed stow hatch as a hydration resevoir is pure genious. This idea should have been patented.

The Bottle

A simple solution carried over from the cycling industry.


Keeping feet in the boat

What the...?

Knee Bracing

Lateral support can make the difference between staying up and swimming with the fishes.

Seat Comfort

Keeping your caboose comfy.


Keeping where you're going from going anywhere

Never get lost again.

Shock Absorber

For that smooth ride.