HUKI Gull Wing Crate

The Wing is crated inside a thin wooden box that is screwed down to a pallet. When you receive notice that the crate has arrived at your nearest Forward Air shipping warehouse, you should make arrangements to go to the warehouse within three working days or storage fees will apply. It will be extremely important to inspect the Gull Wing before you leave the warehouse, so that if there is damage, it will be attributed to ForwardAir and not to your transport home from the warehouse. There is no insurance coverage if damage is discovered after leaving the warehouse. Report any damage to the dock foreman or warehouse manager and to me immediately.

Wear thick protective gloves as there are sharp exposed screws all over the crate & pallet, in places that you would never expect. Wear safety glasses and a helmet.

Items for you to bring with you to extract your Gull Wing and kit are:

  1. A sharp knife or razor for cutting the two webbing straps. (if no knife, you can unscrew the strap anchor screws).
  2. A philips screw driver (manual or electric) of the size that fits common dry wall screws, to remove about twenty screws from the "perimeter" of the lid of the crate. Each screw that needs to be removed is marked with a red circle around it.
  3. A large vehicle to haul away the crate & pallet that weighs 125 pounds and measures 40 inches Wide X 68 inches long X 18 inches high.
  4. A digital camera for taking pictures of the condition of the crate before unpacking and the condition of the Gull Wing while on the premises of the warehouse.

Once you have removed the two straps and twenty screws from the lid, lift the lid straight up. Do not tilt or slide the lid!!! Lift it straight up for about one foot until the frame work attached to the underside of the lid clears the rim of the box. Then set the lid down along side the crate to inspect the exposed Gull Wing. Note the position of the lid on the crate, in case you have to put the lid back onto the crate.

The Gull Wing is completely unfastened, now that you removed the lid, and it will gently lift straight up off its soft foam cradles. The installation kit is contained in a plastic bag stapled down to the bottom of the crate just pull it up with a tug.

If there is damage, take clear pictures and notify the dock foreman or warehouse manager. Make sure he documents your complaints and has you sign the document and he MUST GIVE YOU A COPY! Place the wing back onto its cradles as you found it. Place the lid back on the crate in EXACTLY the same position as it came off. Screw down the lid and leave off the two straps that were only there for illiterate forklift drivers to see (to understand that the crate and the pallet were not to be separated).

If the Gull Wing is unscathed, take it home and whistle all the way, cause we beat the odds!

They will charge a $50 disposal fee if you leave the crate & pallet at the warehouse.