HUKI V1-B (OC-1):

Introduced June 1st of 2001, her hull below the seam was designed and shaped by Jerry Montgomery. I (Jude Turczynski) designed her top side, decks, cockpit, ama and assembly. The V1-B is one of the two OC-1s that have provided HUKI with the fast reputation that we have. HUKI V1-As and V1-Bs are taking more places than any other canoe at sprint races in Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and East Coast. The HUKI V1-B has become a tremendous success.

The V1-B is 7 inches longer than the "A" and ever so slightly larger at the ends. This canoe has all the flat water performance of the "A" model with far greater improvements into "stormy, steep chop & rough white caps." Also, the V1-B has a wider weight range, performing well for the very light 110 pound paddlers, on up to 240 pound paddlers. Still, paddlers under 225 pounds will find peak flat water performance from the V1-A and V1-B to their liking. For heavier paddlers over 210 pounds, who found the V1-A too small for steep chop and stormy wind waves, the V1-B will perform like a dream for you in those conditions. And, she can be maneuvered from crest to crest easily as you look for new bumps. The V1-B is basically, an improvement of the V1-A, and so has been shaped from the original "A" design.

We gave her an upsweeping bow (front), raising the stem of the deck (top-front-tip) 1.5 inches over that of the "A." This prevents her nose from pearling into the back side of the wave in front of you, when you're surfing. From there, we made no changes until you get to the rear end of the cockpit.

We began enlarging the hull behind the cockpit and we widened the aft deck. We lengthened the back end 7 inches and took .75 inches out of the rocker. Her surf-style beaver tail is about 3.5 inches wide. And, we moved the rudder position forward (of the V1-A) by 14 inches to keep the rudder in water, even when surfing the really tall/steep waters off Coco Head.

The aluminum "iako" (outrigger arms) attach to the main hull of the canoe via a receiving hole in the deck. They're fixed in place by depressing a "detent ball" on the side of the iako. The "ama" (outrigger pontoon) can be adjusted close or far from the main hull by depressing the detent, sliding the iako to the next position and allowing the next ball to pop into place. Adjustments to the pitch of the ama and stability of the canoe can be made by moving the mounting knob, up or down the threaded rod risers on the ama deck.

In the V1-B cockpit, you can wear most sandals & booties and we can install self bailing footwell drains and stow hatches. We can install bungees on the fore deck and aft deck or where ever you want them, and can place a kelp guard in front of the rudder. She has HUKI adjustable response rudder system and can be rigged with flat or rough water ama and rudders.

22' 2" LOA, 13.75" BOA
20' 6" LAW, 11.8" BAW @ 170 lbs. paddler,
22.5 lbs. assembled main hull (Carbon/Vac).
19.9 lbs. assembled main hull (Carbon+Kevlar/Vac).


Congratulations to Barry Franks for a powerfull race, finishing 1st OC-1 over all other canoes (first "overall" was Mike Shea on a HUKI S1-X surf ski) at the Ke Kai O Uhane Memorial Day Hoe Wa'a on Monterey Bay in 6-8 ft swells with an occasional 10 footer. Barry said, "It was a tough race, but [he] was able to pass [his main opponent] on the surfing run and hold that position in the flat finish." Barry had just purchased his canoe the day before the race and it was her Christening voyage. Barry had done very well in the 03-04 winter WaveChaser series on an old HUKI V1-B.

Subj: Re: Foam Seat Change
Date:5/30/2002 9:55:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Pete and Sue Wylie)
Mahalo Jude. By the way, this last weekend I test drove the Makia, Stingray, Elua, and Hurricane on Green Lake..and I prefer my V1B trimmable just the way I like it on the flat...(had the fastest overall 500 time of the day by one second, although the current record holder wasn't there). Will let you know how these models compare to me in waves up here if I get a chance. Hui hou Pete

Thank You again!
10/4/2002 7:48:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (brad saguindel)
I wanted to thank you for your time on Tuesday to help me with my new canoe, the Huki V1-B. I really appreciated the time you spent with me in helping me determine that this canoe should go home with me. Also, helping me to transport this canoe home safely is something only a conciencious business owner would have done. The directions to REI was perfect and cementing the foam mount adapters to the mako mounts...I can't thank you enough. On Wednesday, I had made the 12 mile run from Coyote Point to Redwood City in my new canoe in 1-3 ft swells. What Fun!! Thanks again for your help.
Brad Saguindel
Kilohana Outrigger

(Lex Rass has purchased three HUKIs from us.)
Re: HUKI V1-B to Maui...
From L.Rass
Aloha Jude,
I am already a Huki convert having blown away a few of the other makes already at the Florida State Champs, I really like your product ! Firstly, I thought you may recommend the V1-B [for Maui waters], I have found her to be really good in the waves here as well. The suggestion of the extreme conditions ama is obviously a good one.

I have built a lot of hi-tech race boats and developed quite a few very successful catamarans and monohulls, so I know when I see a good product.... you make one helluva good product and you should be proud ! Lex

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