Our Surf Skis are available in all the standard constructions found from most surf ski manufacturers around the world, and then we offer constructions that are beyond those standards and found only from HUKI. All our one-person Surf Ski models are priced by the the following tables, scroll down to view the whole list. Mouse over square icon for more details:

Construction Weight & Purpose Price
Standard Vacuumed Fiberglass Recreation, Racing, Touring US $3100
Premium Vacuum Molded Fiberglass Light Racing US $3200
Premium Vacuum Molded Carbon Ultra-Light Racing US $4000
Premium Vacuum Molded Kevlar Ultra-Light Racing US $4000
Premium Vacuum Molded Double Carbon Ultra-Light Racing US $4700
Premium Vacuum Molded Double Kevlar Ultra-Light Racing US $4700
Premium Vacuum Molded Special Carbon/Kevlar Super Ultra-Light Racing US $4700
Premium Vacuum Molded S-Glass/Kevlar/Carbon Durable Ultra-Light Touring/Racing US $4900
Premium Vacuum Molded S-Glass/Double Kevlar Durable Ultra-Light Touring/Racing US $4900
Base Model Options included at no additional charge.
Choice of any "one" rudder from several available (except kickup rudder)
Single footwell with adjustable heel plate and pedals.
Wide Cockpit or Standard Cockpit on S1-R (all other models have Wide Cockpits).
Standard Appearance: Two-tone paint job consists of the deck being one color and the hull being another, HUKI logos and other lettering are standard on every ski
Self bailing foot well drains
Leash attachment loop located at front end of footwell (we can place it where you want it).
Extra Options available at additional charge. Price
Custom decks Hawaiian cloth inlay and/or custom paint on decks US $300
Custom all over Hawaiian cloth inlay and/or custom paint all over decks and hull US $600
Custom vinyl patterns and lettering adhered to deck US $75 and up
Water Tight stow hatch w/bag (4", 5" & 6") avail in 3 locations US $145
Additional carbon thru-hull rudders (2.5", 4", 7", 8", 9" and 10") US $145
Transom Mounted Kick-up Rudder US $300
Bungee in one location (1 set of 6 loops), multiple locations available anywhere you like US $75
Kelp guard (tiny carbon skeg in front of rudder) US $25
Emergency Steering Device (So you can steer with one pedal.) Also for adaptive paddlers. US $25
Lock Hole in footwell in place of Leash Loop US $100
External Handles (rubber grip over webbing, pair) available for both ends US $300
Recessed Side Handles (pair) in the sides of the cockpit at balance point US $300
Outer Seam Reinforcement (1 inch fiberglass seam tape around perimeter of surfski, prevents splitting in extreme circumstances) US $400
Accessories Price
Universal Leash (cockpit to ankle or calf or paddle) US $30
Fitted & zippered Canvas Cover (S1-A, S1-X, S1-X Special & S1-R) US $200
Foam Footwell Filler Kit (fills footwell in front of heel plate to displace water, fully adjustable) US $145
Foam back, butt and hip pad kit (for a perfect fit in the seat well) Adjustable US $125
Strap-on foam ground cradles (for resting on the groung) US $155
MasterLock kit (brass combo-lock & coated cable) US $50
HUKI quick road flag US $25

50% deposit secures your order, balance upon completion (not upon delivery). Typically, I usually produce orders within 2-4 weeks. We ship anywhere (fee's & methods may vary). Please, fill out and submit one of our online quote request forms found in the nav-bar at the top of this page.