Repairing leaks in footwell drains: always wear protactive goggles and gloves.

  1. Make sure the inside of the canoe is completely dry. Remove the venturi with a sharp scraping tool or wood chisel, scrape off any remaining putty that held down the venturi.
  2. Cut off the dull plastic needle of a composites syringe so that it is very short and place a rubber seal around the end of the syringe cylinder. Fill the plastic syringe with an ounce of catalyzed epoxy. Place your hand inside the footwell and place your thumb over the drain hole sealing it tightly. Place the syringe over the outside of the drain hole and press tightly so that the rubber seal will seal off the hole. Pump the resin into the drain hole, forcing resin under pressure through any cracks or tunnels surrounding the drain hole.
  3. Tape off both sides of the drain hole and allow the resin to harden fully.
  4. Redrill the hole to size.
  5. Retest for leaks. If leaks, repeat the repair. Note: if the inside of the canoe was not completely dry, nothing you attempt for repair will work.